Automated Membership Tracking and Gate Control System

Automated Membership Tracking and Gate Control System
Category: Custom Cloud
Date: 07/15/2021

Client Goal

A prominent fitness facility and entertainment and dining center in Asia needed help tracking members, and was losing revenue due to automatic membership renewals getting delayed. Their services were being used by both members and non-members, or expired members due to a lack of gate control, which led to significant revenue loss.

Business Solution

  • We designed and implemented a custom automated solution that keeps track of all Gym members in real-time.
  • Created a streamlined and efficient way for members to pay for their renewals, with status text messaging system, and timed email prompts.
  • Designed and executed a RFID hardware solution integrated with the software application to validate existing members to use the Gym.

Value Delivered

With our custom automated tracking solutions, and RFID hardware:

  • Gym Membership on one-time renewal rate increased by 50%.
  • Gym revenue up to 20%
  • Were able to track specific machine use, which helps improve gym environment and client satisfaction, and retention rate.
  • Able to implement more effective marketing campaigns, and continue to attract new gym members.

Technology Used

  • Software: Database: SQL Server 2008 Tech. Dot Net Framework 4.0
  • Hardware: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) centered membership cards. Customized RFID Card Reader at Gym Entrance.

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