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At Sunbonn, we are committed to uplifting students facing challenges. Our mission is to provide targeted assistance, fostering an inclusive learning environment. Through personalized support, mentorship, and tailored resources, we empower students in need to overcome obstacles and achieve their academic goals.
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Scholarship in Pakistan

Scholarship at UNT

The Pay It Forward Pakistani Scholarship of NT is a competitive scholarship. It provides support for undergraduate and graduate students at UNT with a proven interest in the language, history, culture and/or studies of Pakistan as illustrated in a personal statement of no more than 1,000 words.
Students must meet the following criteria:

Scholarship in Pakistan

Honor of Muharumeen

Unlock your educational potential with the Sunbonn Pay it Forward Scholarship, designed to break down financial barriers and pave the way for your academic and career success.

Duration: Bachelor degree
Total Scholarships: Five

Eligibility Criteria

Apply For Scholarship in Pakistan
Goals-Oriented Essay (maximum 500 words)
  • Briefly describe your academic and career goals.
  • Explain how this scholarship will contribute to your aspirations.
  • Share your commitment to paying it forward and supporting others in the future.

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