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Barnes and Noble

Client Goals

The largest retail bookseller in the USA, with 658 retail stores, and 714 college bookstores serving over 5 million students needed to create a system to let students and faculty members adopt books, and materials. The current system they were using was a manual spreadsheet adoption process that introduced many delays in collections and ordering, which led to lower overall profits.


Business Solution

We created a Custom Cloud Solution for books, non-text materials and new titles to be easily adopted by the Instructors and Faculty for enrolled students in each session.


Value Delivered

By creating a more streamlined, cloud-based adoption system, our client was able to:

  • Increase online book and material adoption from less than 5% to 40% in 2 years.
  • Provide students with more variety in textbook options – Digital, New, Used, Rental
  • Provide over 160,000 system users, 3 million books and digital materials to adopt.


Technology used:

PHP, Drupal, SQL Server 2008