Client Case Studies

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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction by Introducing a RFID System

Client Goal


The largest family entertainment and dining center in Pakistan was facing the challenge of bogus or altered coins damaging expensive game machines. Losing assets and revenues, they needed our help to overcome these issues.


Business Solution


Sunbonnet team of professionals worked with the client to understand the issue and then designed a complete integrated Radio Frequency Identification cards (RFID) to eliminate the challenges that our client was facing in the manual coin system.


Value Delivered


  • Significant improvements in increasing lost revenues and assets.
  • Better overall customer service.
  • Value-added benefits with introduction of points system, which increased client business by 30%.
  • We also created a new Management Information System to help client make correct and timely business decisions.


Technology Used


  • Software: Database: SQL Server 2008 Tech. Dot Net Framework 4.0, Windows Services
  • Hardware: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) centered membership cards. Customized RFID Card Reader