Client Case Studies

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Aezee Leadership Planner

Client Goals

To offer a new kind of mobile digital planner that could offer better long term planning and to increase employee productivity.


Business Solution

To design an integrated mobile digital daily planner that allows the user to build leadership capabilities within the app, to manage employee productivity, tasks, events, time and expenses.


Value Delivered

The mobile application we designed helps:

  • Manage your prioritized tasks.
  • Perform realistic prioritizing of tasks by looking at your calendar events.
  • Email your meeting notes with whiteboard pictures before meeting ends.
  • Plan and execute your goals with scheduled tasks.

Focus and improve your leadership values with proper tracking of time, events, tasks and employees.


Technology Used

C#, ASP.NET MVC 5, SQL Server, Dot Net Framework 4.5, Android SDK, iOS (Objective C)