Turning Information into Sales*

In a competitive marketplace, the salesperson who best understands the client’s needs has a distinct advantage. Many salespeople know how to listen for a need and then match a solution to that need. Learning to discover much more than simple connections can yield great rewards. Differentiating on the basis of superior client knowledge helps provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Better information about complex client situations lets the salesperson create high-value solutions for clients and achieve improved sales results.


In Turning Information into Sales (TIS)*, salespeople will be provided with tools to effectively discover business needs, identify what matters, and apply it in successful sales. They will develop the essential ability to discover information needed to create highly satisfactory and compelling solutions.

TIS expands Discovery into the interactive steps of Gather/Analyze/Use, with advanced models to help salespeople do more thorough discovery and know how to use the results.

Program Outcomes

By applying the tools from Turning Information into Sales* to conduct better discovery, salespeople will be able to create solutions that meet client needs in more compelling ways and create solutions that also increase their sales.

* a Wilson Learning program

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