The Leader Manager*

Organizations expect salespeople to get results, but successful long-term performance requires a focus on more than just results. Research indicates that high performance is not sustainable over time unless it is accompanied by a high degree of fulfillment—neither performance nor fulfillment exists in a vacuum. To implement strategy and achieve business results, sales managers must create an environment of performance with fulfillment. These skills require integrating the inspiration of leadership with the skill of management.


The Sales Leader Manager*: Leading Salespeople to Success (SLM)* provides a framework and skills for sales managers to enable their sales teams to succeed—to achieve higher revenue, customer satisfaction, and long-term profitability. To provide the leadership their people need, sales managers learn how to align their efforts and motivate their sales teams by using Five Practices.

SLM* is a comprehensive solution that fosters both insight and skill development around what is most important for leaders to do—enable their people to perform at their best.

Program Outcomes

Sales Leader Manager (SLM)* provides sales managers with a process for helping their salespeople realize their full sales potential by creating an environment that supports successful business results. SLM* helps sales managers understand their own role in executing sales strategy so they can help salespeople align to the organization’s strategy.

* a Wilson Learning program

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