Strategy Enablement

Our Strategic Enablement focuses on giving you the tools to run your workplace more efficiently. Our Innovator program helps you run meetings with maximum output, giving you a strategic business edge when it comes to productivity. Let us analyze and teach you how to use your team data and give every project that edge.

What is Innovator?

Innovator is a process for conducting a strategic group dialog using voting software and wireless handheld keypads to focus the discussion by anonymously prioritizing issues and ideas.

Basic Premise:

Organizations have the requisite knowledge, talent, skill and abilities to identify and remedy their own performance challenges

How can Innovator assist at your company:

  • Strategy:

Improve the planning process, leverage the best thinking of the people in the organization, drive towards commitment, not just compliance

  • Customers:

Improve the discovery process, conduct focus groups, develop market strategies, create detailed customer profiles

  • Decisions:

Gain an edge in leveraging the knowledge of the movers in your organization to make quick, effective, and on-purpose decisions.



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