Email marketing:

Email marketing continues to be a vital tool in businesses and helping you to grow your business by sending regular marketing messages.

Sunbonn provides our customer Email Marketing service which offers reliable and sophisticated opportunities to target the right people at the right time to bring in serious business. Our services include

  • Leveraging of leading email campaign technology to enable your business
  • Partnering with companies to compile target list of companies and personnel to market
  • Building and maintaining your target client list
  • Converting the provided content into email campaigns
  • Ensuring that users have ability to unsubscribe per law

Search Engine Optimization:

Sunbonn helps your website or webpage reach at the position that is desired by your company potentially for all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN while keeping in mind that 72% of all searches today happen on Google.

Based on your business objectives we can work with you to to Help you make your business name appears at top on first page or the first ranks which helps you to get get maximum number of visitors and increases business orders or revenue.


Natural Search:

Sunbonn can help you in growth of your organization with creating efficient Natural Search SEO by making sure that the website is relevant to the search and has the following capabilities:

  • Reverse engineer to ensure that website is relevant to search
  • Content has been optimized to how consumers search
  • Keywords are clearly identified
  • URL structures exist to support search
  • Ease of navigation once on the site that is relevant to search
  • Links to other sites such as clients, partners, bloggers, news stations to increase credibility which helps you in enhancing your business and meeting your sales targets and increase your traffic automatically as we focused on all business needs and meeting client expectations and deadlines.

Local Search:

97% of all those interested searches on the Internet are for local products and services. This number grows daily, which can become an increasingly important factor local search engine optimization.
Since 72% of all searches are on Google, we optimize the local search for Google to ensure that your business shows up properly in the search process.

When your business is not found in the local search engines for Google which goes through trillion of pages in seconds, you are left out of a potential opportunity


Paid Search:

Paid search is also a very good option and we recommend that to your clients when we have become good at Local and Natural search. The main objective of PPC campaigns is to gain relevant visitors for your website, but in contrast to Local and Natural Search, Paid Search involves the payment of a fee every time a visitor clicks on your ad and comes to your site.

The key things to consider while implementing Paid Search include,

  • Focus on Return on Investment (ROI) which can be calculated by taking conversion rate (3-5%) x Customer Value
    (profit generated on customer)
  • Looking at competitor to see how you can differentiate yourself
  • Focusing on 70 character max in add to get to the correct landing page based on keyword
  • Determining max CPC bid
  • High leverage of Google ad word keyword planner
  • 10-15 keywords
  • Continuously updating

Social Media Marketing:

In order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals, Sunbonn helps our clients run Social media marketing (SMM) on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) to achieve marketing communication and branding goals via Social media marketing.

Out of all the SMM options available today, we recommend a focused strategy for each.


Sunbonn’s design team is dedicated to building user centric websites, web applications, transaction platforms and mobile solutions that are powerful, flexible, scalable and open source.

If you are looking for a website that represents the essence of your company, draws traffic and leads to incremental sales then look no further since Sunbonn design and development will deliver to your business needs.
We can build or upgrade your web site with a new look that adheres to website best practices such as,

We can help you energize your website

  • Responsive Design
  • Content
  • Ability to reach you
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Call to actions
  • eCommerce

Additionally, our development team can also integrate the website to existing systems for seamless operations such as,

  • Has effective marketing services
  • E-commerce enabled
  • Integrate with your customer, product or other systems for seamless
  • Tune your web site content for search engine optimization
  • Turnkey operations where we build, host and support your solutions

Our team of professionals will work with you to develop dynamic and secure websites that,

  • Reach their target market audience
  • Meet company goals
  • Enable your sales strategies

Do the math. Define what your online customer is worth to you!

Site Visit x Conversion Rate (typically 3-5%) x Customer Value (Revenue from customer) = Total Customer Value x 0.20 = Customer Worth


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Automated Membership Tracking and Gate Control System

Client Goals

A prominent fitness facility and entertainment and dining center in Asia needed help tracking members, and was losing revenue due to automatic membership renewals getting delayed. Their services were being used by both members and non-members, or expired members due to a lack of gate control, which led to significant revenue loss.

Business Solution

  • We designed and implemented a custom automated solution that keeps track of all Gym members in real-time.
  • Created a streamlined and efficient way for members to pay for their renewals, with status text messaging system, and timed email prompts.
  • Designed and executed a RFID hardware solution integrated with the software application to validate existing members to use the Gym.

Value Delivered

With our custom automated tracking solutions, and RFID hardware:

  • Gym Membership on one-time renewal rate increased by 50%.
  • Gym revenue up to 20%
  • Were able to track specific machine use, which helps improve gym environment and client satisfaction, and retention rate.
  • Able to implement more effective marketing campaigns, and continue to attract new gym members.

Technology Used

  • Software: Database: SQL Server 2008 Tech. Dot Net Framework 4.0
  • Hardware: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) centered membership cards. Customized RFID Card Reader at Gym Entrance.

Create a Custom Cloud Solution for College Textbook and Materials Exchange Service

Client Goals

The largest retail bookseller in the USA, with 658 retail stores, and 714 college bookstores serving over 5 million students needed to create a system to let students and faculty members exchange books, and materials. The current system they were using was a manual spreadsheet adoption process that introduced many delays in collections and ordering, which led to lower overall profits.

Business Solution

We created a Custom Cloud Solution for books, non-text materials and new titles to be easily exchanged by the Instructors and Faculty for enrolled students in each session.

Value Delivered

By creating a more streamlined, cloud-based adoption system, our client was able to:

  • Increase online book and material exchanges from less than 5% to 40% in 2 years.
  • Provide students with more variety in textbook options – Digital, New, Used, Rental
  • Provide over 160,000 system users, 3 million books and digital materials to adopt.

Technology Used

  • Software: Database: SQL Server 2008 Tech. PHP CMS: Drupal OS: WINSERVER 2008

Custom Cloud Field Services Application for Manufacturer

Client Goals

A large manufacturer of state-of-the-art LED lighting, signage and passenger communication systems for the mass transit industry needed to troubleshoot and replace their products in transportation vehicles. The challenge this client faced was that all interaction was manual, from reporting a need to service lighting to generating a Customer Service Ticket to get work done.

Business Solution

Our team analyzed the entire process and created a turnkey Custom Cloud Application to automate more business processes within the company, including a Customer Service Ticket to Resolution system with Quality Assurance analysis.

Value Delivered

  • Turnaround time from initial issue identification to resolution was significantly shortened, and more accurate.
  • Product failure data available for Quality Assurance analysis enabled the company to be more proactive in their Customer Service.

Technology Used

  • Database: SQL Server 2008 Tech. Dot Net Framework 4.0 Client Script JQuery

Remote Testing Services for Application Programming Interface

Client Goals

The largest bank in the Middle East needed to consolidate their data collection which was in various business applications without a centralized view of customer information. They needed a centralized application, which we created – “SmartHub” which could manage all customer data through a single repository.

Business Solution

Working with the client, with many key stakeholders involved and sensitive data to manage, we set up the Test Suite for testing the Web Services in the automated tool SoapUI. We performed the necessary quality assurance checks to identify any unusual results or behaviors in customer data synchronizations processes. We also created validations to help our client manage their Test Suite in SoapUI.

Value Delivered

Our remote testing programming interface allowed the client:

  • To analyze data layers before accessing multiple applications, streamlining the entire process.
  • Created a way to validate customer requests.
  • More time to evaluate responses ahead of system access.

Technology Used

  • SOAPUI: Automated tool to test Application Program Interface (API)
  • XML: Extensible Markup Language to describe data according to set of rules

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction by Introducing a RFID System

Client Goals

The largest family entertainment and dining center in Pakistan was facing the challenge of bogus or altered coins damaging expensive game machines. Losing assets and revenues, they needed our help to overcome these issues.

Business Solution

Sunbonnet team of professionals worked with the client to understand the issue and then designed a complete integrated Radio Frequency Identification cards (RFID) to eliminate the challenges that our client was facing in the manual coin system.

Value Delivered

  • Significant improvements in increasing lost revenues and assets.
  • Better overall customer service.
  • Value-added benefits with introduction of points system, which increased client business by 30%.
  • We also created a new Management Information System to help client make correct and timely business decisions.

Technology Used

  • Software: Database: SQL Server 2008 Tech. Dot Net Framework 4.0, Windows Services
  • Hardware: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) centered membership cards. Customized RFID Card Reader

Human Resource Management System

Client Goals

This Auto Insurance Company came to us with resource management issues, and needed a Human Resource Management System to improve employee time, resources, information management and customer orientation.

Business Solution

We worked with this client to understand their information and human resources issues, including lack of integration, manual approvals, inconsistent client data and lack of ease when sharing information among key stakeholders.

Value Delivered

We created a comprehensive and streamlined Human Resource Management System which brought:

  • Significant improvements in overall team interactions.
  • Employees’ satisfaction increased through transparent and automated Human Resource processes.
  • Reduced approval times, and reduced costly paperwork.
  • A better Management Information System that helped client make better business decisions.

Technology Used

  • Software: SQL Server 2010, Database Engine 2007. Dot Net Framework 4.0, Microsoft Access, SDK Hamster 5.0, Hamster IV HSDV04P

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