Remote Testing Services for Application Programming Interface

Client Goals

The largest bank in the Middle East needed to consolidate their data collection which was in various business applications without a centralized view of customer information. They needed a centralized application, which we created – “SmartHub” which could manage all customer data through a single repository.

Business Solution

Working with the client, with many key stakeholders involved and sensitive data to manage, we set up the Test Suite for testing the Web Services in the automated tool SoapUI. We performed the necessary quality assurance checks to identify any unusual results or behaviors in customer data synchronizations processes. We also created validations to help our client manage their Test Suite in SoapUI.

Value Delivered

Our remote testing programming interface allowed the client:

  • To analyze data layers before accessing multiple applications, streamlining the entire process.
  • Created a way to validate customer requests.
  • More time to evaluate responses ahead of system access.

Technology Used

  • SOAPUI: Automated tool to test Application Program Interface (API)
  • XML: Extensible Markup Language to describe data according to set of rules

Technology Clients

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