Providing Resources for Success

Managers learn how to provide the resources employees need to successfully deliver their objectives and achieve team goals.

Engagement & Retention

Learning Track: Increasing Employee Engagement, Retaining Your Employees, Recognizing Employees, Providing Resources for Success


Course Title Course result
Managing Team Resources* Evaluate how well you manage the team or department resources
Required Employee Resources* Determine if employees have the resources they need to be successful
One Resource for Success* Employees identify one resource they need to be successful in the next 60 days
Use a Resource Management Agenda Item* Create a resource management agenda item to ensure team needs are met
Resources and Customer Needs* Consider the customers’ needs when allocating resources
Providing the Right Resources* Take action to provide the resources employees need for success
Team Resource Needs* Team members prioritize resources needs
Teams Improve Efficiency of Resources* The team determines how they can improve the efficiency of existing resources

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