Performance Testing

Scalability, reliability, and efficient use of resources are major factors for the performance testing. Our testing teams use all the major three to make sure speed, effectiveness, and stability of the system. This testing is a sub part of performance engineering, which does not only concentrate on architectural aspect of the application but also addresses design aspect of a software product.

Our testing professionals carries performance testing effectively and efficiently that brings intended benefit to your organization, and will improve your productivity as reliable asset which definitely meet the expected sales goal,

Performance testing before the release reveals what needs to be improved, software application usually suffer from the issues like sluggish execution, if used by several users simultaneously. There are some common problems which have wide variety of causes like:

  • Software configuration issues (for the Web server, database, load balancers etc.);
  • Poor network configuration;
  • Software code (poorly optimized, or not allowing concurrent access),
  • Insufficient hardware resources.

The key is to identify these performance problems before the software application release by simulating a large number of simultaneous users (load testing, stress testing).

To achieve quality, reliability and speed, we use a combination of Manual and Automation

approach and tool to ensure rapid turn around and precise data set for given software on

Performance front.

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