Mobile Testing

Mobile application testing is the process of catching all of the functional and performance issues of your mobile application.

In highly competitive world of mobile application it is very important to ensure that the application is working perfectly well from usability and functionality point of view before the release because it is really crucial for the success of any application. It is vital to make sure that user have good experience when they use your mobile application because if they don’t have good experience they won’t come back if they won’t come back it means they will find some other similar application that will satisfy their expectations and provide them good experience.

Mobile testing have different and unique challenges such as ensuring the performance of the application across multiple operating systems, device models within each OS, and varying internet speeds across different markets limited screen sizes and memory, device fragmentation, difficulty of system integration, engaging user experience and, of course, a rapid pace of innovation.

What Sunbonn believes?

We at sunbonn believe that for quality of our mobile application, application should be tested on real devices and not only on the simulators or emulators that’s why we at sunbonn test our mobile applications not only on emulators but also on real devices. Therefore, we have vast collection of Tablets and mobile phones so that we can ensure the quality of our application because what matter for us is the quality of our application.

For successful Mobile testing we keep following key points in mind:

  • Think like a Customer.
  • Make strategic testing plan
  • Focused non-functional and functional testing.
  • Use of matric for improvement.
  • Cover all required OS and screens sizes

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