Leading for Growth™*

Yesterday’s leaders were characterized by a take-charge attitude, a high degree of control over employees, and knowing all the answers. This heroic management mindset creates an uninspired organization where employees fail to show initiative, take risks, or collaborate. Today, no one person can possibly have all the answers, and organizations need leaders who can develop team members, collaborate to create innovative approaches and outcomes, and adapt to changing needs. This mindset of growth leadership creates the conditions where individuals take responsibility for the business and collaborate in implementing strategy to achieve business results.


Leading for Growth™ (LFG)* challenges managers to rethink their role as leaders, shifting their mindset from that of “heroic manager” to “growth leader.” The program is structured on the core dimensions of growth leadership: building a collaborative culture, creating a shared vision, and adopting mutual influence.

Program Outcomes

Leading for Growth™* gives leaders the knowledge and skills to build a cohesive, shared-responsibility team with a common vision that guides strategy implementation. Leaders also develop an understanding of how to align their talented employees with their strategies. They learn how to eliminate behaviors that impede growth and ensure that differences are valued and disagreements are raised and effectively resolved.

* a Wilson Learning program

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