Functional Testing

Functional testing involves testing of how an application functions or in other words functional testing verifies that each function of the software application operates in conformance with the requirement specification and it always concentrates on user’s perspective and does not consider the internal structure of application.

Functional testing is very important because it verifies that the software application is fixed for release and does what the users expect from it.

Functional testing typically involves following steps:

  • Identify the requirements.
  • Understands the functions.
  • Identify the test inputs and derive output based on software specification.
  • Execution of Test Cases.
  • Comparison of Actual results with expected results.

What Sunbonn believes?

We at Sunbonn perform full functional testing efficiently including Positive functional testing which involves testing the functions of the application by using valid inputs, Negative functional testing which involves the testing the functions of the application by using invalid inputs or with some unexpected conditions.

We are always ready for any challenge to meet the user requirements, because we believe in customer’s satisfaction and in order to satisfy our customer it is necessary to meet all the requirements.

Our approach for functional testing:

  • Identify requirements.
  • Prepare Test plan.
  • Design Test scenarios and test cases.
  • Execute Test Plan.
  • Identify bugs.
  • Prepare Summary Reports.
  • Project closure and maintenance.

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