Functional Testing

Functional Testing helps in making sure that the application works within the boundary of requirement specification and it does what is expected from it from the business point of view.We perform full functional testing efficiently including Positive functional testing which
involves testing the functions of the application by using valid inputs, Negative functional testing which involves the testing the functions of the application by using invalid inputs or with some unexpected conditions.

Steps to perform Functional Testing

  • Identification of the requirements
  • Understanding of the functions
  • Identification of the test inputs and output based on software specification
  • Execution of Test Cases
  • Comparison of Actual results with expected results

Our approach from identify to identify and ends with maintenance

Our approach is very simple to get better solution, we Identify requirements efficiently, prepare effective test plan, design perfect test scenarios and test cases, execute test Plan in an effective manner, get bugs identified, and prepare summary reports with project closure and maintenance.

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