Create an Online Tool that Helps Consumers Compare the Price of Prescription Drugs

Client Goals

To increase the customer satisfaction, this health insurance company wanted to create an online tool to help their clients make smart choices when it comes to the cost of their prescription medications.

Business Solution

As an insurance company, our client wanted to increase the value to their customers by offering them lower out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions, in a convenient easy-to-use online tool that they could access from the comfort of their home. Allowing consumers to search for specific medications, without medical credentials, tracking location with Google Maps gives added convenience. Having a tool that works on desktops, smartphones or tablets was also an important feature.

Value Delivered

The online tool we created:

  • Saves time and money for consumers giving them more options for prescriptions.
  • Helps find suitable lower-cost substitutions for medications.
  • Helps consumers find the closest pick-up locations.
  • Works on desktop computers, smartphones or tablets.
  • Increases prescription compliance for Insurance Company clients, saving insurance costs long-term.

Technology Used

  • Software: Dot Net Framework 4.0 MVC, SQL 2008, jQuery, AJAX.

Technology Clients

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