AZ Microfinance

Efficiently manage and track all loans information and provide stakeholders with financial and statistical data and reports. An indicator for evaluation and measuring performance.

Sunbonn has designed and developed MFLTS (Microfinance Loan Tracking System) to overcome paper work challenges. MFLTS is a comprehensive solution that is designed by considering the Bank’s needs, challenges and its purpose. It is a web based application portal that keep’s track of all micro loans information and efficiently manages the loan approval process. The system handles the loan from Loan Origination till Closure and reports generation for evaluating loan performance. Following are few features of Microfinance Loan Tracking System:

  • Loan Origination & Tracking of:
    • Individual Loans
    • Group Loans
  • Loan Approval Process Management – As per Bank’s Hierarchy
  • Payment Scheduling & Management
  • Loan Renewal Process & Management
  • Write-Off & Blacklist Process Management
  • Dual Language Support and Date Conversion

Benefits & Values Delivered

  • Automated Loan Management & Tracking System
  • Loan Life Cycle Management
  • Cost Effective and Highly Available

Technology Utilized

  • Microsoft ASP.NET (C#) and SQL Server 2008

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